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Voice and Instrumental Performance Coaching


Voice and Instrumental Performance Coaching


Voice and Performance Coaching


Voice and Performance Coaching

"Amanda Cole is one of the most remarkable performers I have taught
in her ability to hear a new idea and then freely experiment with it and incorporate it in her work."

Cathy Madden, Principal Lecturer, UW School of Drama, Washington

"Simple, powerfully demonstrated tools, making a marked and immediate change for each participant. Amanda’s clear demonstration of their effectiveness which was often quite striking."

Pauline, Sippy Downs, Qld

“I’ve seen a lot of singers in my time. Amanda Cole brings such delightful and sensitive touches to the songs she sings that they come to life in an extraordinary way.”

Paul Seto, Former Programmer 4MBS, Australia.

"Thank you for the happy, accepting and supportive learning space, at the same time focussed but playful and fun, with lots of revealing surprises."

Pauline, Perwillowen, QLD

"Amanda helped me rediscover my joy of singing! I couldn’t have hoped for more. I was very happy with the course"

Ber O Grady, Hypnotherapist, Doonan

"It was such a privilege to be a part of such a beautiful and supportive group."

Jo, Doonan, Qld

"What you teach is better than Toastmasters."

Jasmine Shen, PhD student, Otago (New Zealand)

“Brings interpretive words and insight to every song…”

Gregory Berg, Journal of Singing, USA.


"The children were spellbound by your presence, which was quite magical, if I may say. All the best with your incredible work."

Kasia Palko, Teacher, Noosa Pengari Steiner School (Qld)

“We were all, quite frankly, enraptured which seems a wholly appropriate response to the music of a visionary.”

(Hildegard & the Celtic Bard, Maleny, 2017). Pat Roche, audience member.

Amanda Cole PhD
Performance Coach

I work with people who feel trapped by self-criticism or stage fright to find their creative performing voice so they can share their unique presence, brilliance and musicality. I help performers and would-be performers from accomplished classical instrumentalists to those wishing to get in touch with their authentic speaking or singing voice for the very first time.

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