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Amanda Cole PhD – Voice & Performance Coach




My coaching practice has three main branches.

1. I teach performance skills to professional musicians as well as to beginner musicians or those just learning to access their singing or public speaking voice for the first time.

2. I teach singing to all levels. I offer group classes that cater particularly to beginner and intermediate singers and offer solutions to choral singers. I also offer packages for high-level one-on-one coaching.

3. I teach piano (and/or singing) and general music skills to children. I also offer courses for parents who want to provide the most supportive and nurturing environment for their child’s musical journey.

Contact me for details of a package for your child to begin his/her musical journey in Amanda’s uniquely holistic way. Or contact me if you are a parent wanting to create the conditions for your child’s creative journey.

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“I help people create the conditions to get the best out of themselves as professional performers or students, or, as parents and teachers of gifted children, to get the best out of the budding musicians they are nurturing.” Amanda Cole.

Children’s music programs
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