On Performers, Performance & Singing

What are performance skills? More than preparation

Aren't PERFORMANCE SKILLS just "GOOD PREPARATION"? Someone recently answered a question of mine about what performance is: “I believe it’s all about preparation,” he said. Well, that depends on what you mean by preparation. Of course, a successful performance requires...

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Why study performance?

What is it and why should I care?

PART ONE: What IS performance? Why do musicians and teachers dismiss it as something to think about “later”? Or dismiss it as an irrelevant word, or a word they don’t even understand?   When I started studying performance, my singing teacher was puzzled and asked me...

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Roger Federer for Singers

Is Federer relaxed, as Jim Courier says, and what can we, as singers, learn from watching him? One of my singing teachers used to tell me to RELAX as I was rushing off from my lesson back to the conservatorium for a class. It always had the opposite effect from what...

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Singing: On Beauty and Consistency

Most of us were not born knowing how to sing beautifully or consistently. Or.,. were we? Our environment (things like climate, air quality, size of family, listening ability of family, education, speech and singing habits of our role models and peers, etc) taught us...

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